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Lycra, leather, mesh:

how to change the image with long gloves

     Gloves have long lost their originally utilitarian character: together with the function of protection from the cold, they allow you to show individuality. In a new shoot for the Village Yekaterinburg, the editor of the "Style" section Masha Ryba, stylist Alfia Mingazova and photographer Sonia Varaksina show what to combine gloves made of matte and patent leather, lycra and mesh.

Kid gloves

    The trend for voluminous patent leather gloves migrated from the sexy and aggressive 80's. This model can be worn with a dress or jacket, but we offer an option for the street: pull the gloves over the sleeves of the coat. It is better if it is a contrasting color to enhance the accent.

Leather gloves


    The trend for gloves has never left the catwalks. From season to season, designers offer models of different lengths, materials, finishes, decorative elements. Classics can be considered leather gloves, which regardless of color will look stand out and dilute the basic image.

Lycra gloves


    Unpretentious husky created for evening images. Rely on multi-layered translucent clothing to emphasize the geometry of the body and the bottom layer. If this is too Frank for you, then stop at a more neutral option — for example, a dress of a complex cut from a dense material.


Mesh gloves


    Gloves made of translucent mesh can be combined with a jacket of male cut and wide trousers. They will look out a little from under the voluminous top, adding to the image of coquetry and tenderness. If you want to enhance the effect, you can wear a pair of thin or voluminous rings over the gloves — it all depends on what you want to say this evening.