In the direction

With slogans - in path


Panama hats, loose-fitting suits, sandals-all this tends to a relaxed aesthetic. A touch of extravagance will add ambiguous, but trendy materials, such as plastic and bags-bags with talking inscriptions. Whether to bet on funny or serious slogans-the choice is yours.


In the wild West


Another phenomenon of Western motifs - playful ruffles, translucent floral embroidery, flared sleeves, cowboy boots. Notes of Texas style with its audacity and simplicity harmoniously complement the ubiquitous trend of naturalness.Delicate milky and pink shades in the image are diluted with black, light brown and rich blue.


In contrast to the classics


Let ease be your middle name. No full sets - let the image be a little "disjointed". And, of course, more geometry - Polo with bright contrasting stripes will accompany trousers and jacket in British elegant check.


On sports


The image inspired by the popular sports theme, - maust-have the upcoming season. T-shirt with print, sneakers sports sense and Olympians-the main fashion attributes that skillfully combine style and convenience.