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"If you shaved-be confident"

Girls from Yekaterinburg-about haircuts under the machine


    The Village continues a series of interviews with Yekaterinburg residents, whose appearance goes beyond the usual understanding of the majority. For the previous material we together with the stylist and the editor of the section "Style" Masha Fish asked four men to make bright manicure and to tell about feelings. In the new publication, we collected four girls who at different times decided to shave their heads under two millimeters — and one of them was cut short directly during the shooting. We talk about the reaction of society, loved ones and comments of men.


    Masha Pisces: it was as difficult to Find a girl who would shave off her MOP of hair in the framework of our project as it was to find guys for a bright manicure. There were many willing. Seven times I set a shooting date, agreed with the whole team, but at the last moment the girls wrote to me with exactly the same phrase: "I'm not ready." In a moment of despair and anger, I myself thought to shave off my quads with the thought: "This will be spectacular and it will be a cool story. Just think, the editor could not find the participants and decided to shave her head herself. So brave." However, let's leave my finest hour for later: I still found the heroine. Bold and incredibly beautiful.


    Alfiya Mingazova: With this length, and the advantage of my haircut-no length at all, I go from November. It's been more than six months. Short haircuts such as "shave at the temples, leaving the forelock on the head" I basically do not like on girls. I like straight cuts, straight lines, without excess. This at all not Pro me — intermediate stages of and half-measures as small steps to something total.


    I can still remember myself with a shock of hair down to my waist. After a while I wore a square and I thought it was the perfect length. Soon his hands itched. I still think that a bald head in girls is sexy. Personally, for me, it's just a visual image, which once wanted to come.

I put off going to the hairdresser, took pauses to gather courage: all because I was thrown from side to side. After all, I had attached too much importance to this action as a point of no return. However, apart from the feeling that I was breaking stereotypes here and now, I felt nothing. And after anew got acquainted with itself, long looked in a mirror, studied, ironed.


    There were days when I was sorry. I remember how I was destroyed by the thought that one of my actions I turned in the wrong direction at all. While the girls cut the same bangs, choose push-up and other strong techniques aimed at the male audience, I shave my head. Am I all right?"

It is impossible not to observe the reaction of people to my haircut-it is everywhere. From the oncoming crowd at least one turn. But one thing is very remarkable to me: all the little girls look disapproving. At this age, they still dream of pink dresses and unicorns, so I'm not likely to pass for their role model. But as I like babies! And if they already knew how to talk, it would be like, " Hey, you're cool. Does your mom cut your hair?»


    All friends and boyfriend, without five minutes husband-in delighted. Perhaps we unconsciously surround ourselves with such people, similar in style and spirit, and feel comfortable with them. Just recently parted with an impressive half of his wardrobe, which and so rarely wore, but now we are definitely not on the way.


    I carefully emphasize feminine features, but too girlish things look stupid on me. I still love the masculine cut, but unfortunately, now in many things I'm like a kid, for example, in some men's shirts. I noticed how I stopped going "sweatshirts refugee" with a stretched free throat, but with such a haircut outrageously sexy models with bare shoulders and a deep neckline. Also refused t-shirts with various feminist quotes. I also make sure that my cheeks do not go beyond the oval of my face.